30 Things This Blog is About (#14: Games I Recommend)

I play a lot of games. As previously mentioned, I also really enjoy sharing the experiences I’ve had playing games, whether or not those games were good or bad. I’ve tried very hard to reach a point where I can view games objectively, or as objectively as possible, so that I can understand what would make other people enjoy that game.

On top of that, my friends are various and sundry, with various and sundry tastes in games. I find myself exposed to a ton of different games on a constant basis, and I occasionally find myself listening to a friend who has a particular, unsatisfied taste in games. Often in these cases, I can think of a game that I’ve been introduced to from another friend that would fit the bill, and when that happens I tend to recommend it. I’m like a telephone switchboard operator for my network of game enthusiast friends.

I’ve started to talk about games I find interesting (whether or not I enjoy playing them) in terms that help people determine for themselves if they’d enjoy it. One of the biggest issues I have with game reviews is that they tend to speak in universal absolutes — this game is good and worth your time or this game is not good/not worth your time. As the gaming audience has expanded, I’d like to see more objective, broad-scope reviews. If I review a game here, expect to see a lot of talk focusing on discovering whether or not you personally would like a game, not necessarily if I like it.

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