30 Things This Blog is About (#5: Infinity: The Game)

Warmachine (and Hordes, its sister game) filled a niche for me among miniatures games, and I developed a love for it. When I moved from Austin and stopped playing it, I eventually found myself at loose ends; I didn’t know anyone locally who played (partly because at the time, the game was preparing for a rules revamp and thus enthusiasm for it had ebbed) but found myself looking for a group.

What I found instead was a different minis game, Infinity, which is a futuristic sci-fi-themed game which was also (at the time) fairly new and just picking up. It’s a game from Spain, and its rulebook contained a whole lot of fiction that I found fascinating– science fiction from a European (specifically, Spanish) perspective. I loved the future world the game created and the diversity of its minis, and wound up getting into it with some of the locals in my area. I found a vastly different game from the Warmachine/Hordes I was familiar with, and the new mechanics along with the fascinating fiction hooked me.

Now, I play both Infinity and Warmachine/Hordes, but they fill different niches in my hobbies. I like the blend of tactics playing both games exposes me to, and it’s been exciting to watch both games evolve over time. If I play anything competitively, it’s miniatures games, and I’ve participated in tournaments for both games quite a bit at this point.

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