30 Things This Blog is About (#1: Video Games)

I play, and have played, a lot of video games. I spend a lot of time playing them and thinking about them, and they inform a lot of my inspiration and perspective. I grew up an introvert in a neighborhood of extroverts, and video games became a close friend early on. I’ve had the opportunity to watch video games grow from an oft-maligned, stigmatized medium to a medium larger than Hollywood and enjoyed by all.

When I was younger, I wished I could show people who didn’t play video games the kinds of experiences and thoughts and fun I derived from them, but was too inarticulate to do so. Now, when I have finally become articulate enough to communicate my thoughts, I’ve found myself in a world where my thoughts are shared by many.

Now, instead of trying to share my experiences with other people, I can talk with other people about our shared experiences. I can learn as much as I show, and I’m much more likely to find something I didn’t know. I play everything I have time for, and some things I don’t, and I’ll certainly be spending quite a lot of time on it here.

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