Introductions, and What To Expect


I’m Tam, your host here on this blog. I’ve been working in video games for nearly a decade and have a background in media and business. My passion is games, of all kinds — everything from mechanics to worldbuilding to player psychology to the business to industry trends to stories to why I can’t get Full Throttle to work quite right on my PC.

This blog is a repository of thoughts, they’ll probably reflect whatever I’m thinking about at the current moment and will almost certainly span a wide range of topics. While I don’t promise an overarching theme (other than “games”, broadly), I have a particular interest in perspective — I want to see as many sides of a given topic as I can. If I write something, and you can offer a point of view I’ve missed, please let me know! I’m happy to engage with people in comments, particularly if it means I (or you or both of us) learn something new.

I strongly believe in evidence-based debate, and I equally strongly believe that anecdotal evidence is largely worthless, though can be significant in specific, isolated cases. I have a real issue with what feels like a growing trend of anti-intellectualism; knowledge is power and intentionally denying oneself or others knowledge is depriving them of power and agency in their own lives– a large portion of people’s problems in general can be attributed to unequally distributed (or a general lack of) knowledge.

On the flip side, I generally believe that most people are essentially good, and aren’t intentionally out to harm others. When people make decisions that cause others to come to harm, I tend to feel like the issue is a lack of perspective (see above, with regards to knowledge). For myself, I’m interested in perspective; I’m aware that my own position on things is incomplete and I seek to broaden that as much as I can. As someone with an interest in business and particularly management, I think a broad sense of perspective is crucial.

All of this is very heavy, and only really serves to offer you some idea of where I’m coming from when I talk about things. I’ll probably post game reviews here, and a lot of times they’ll be qualified with statements like “if you like X, you’ll probably like this game”, rather than a score or any similar measurement. I’ll also probably talk about things like game design and player psychology in fairly impersonal terms, again just to offer perspective. Having done it quite a bit, I feel like the nuts and bolts of game design have a bit of “how the sausage is made” to them, that don’t always thrill people. I’d still like to talk about them, though, so hopefully you’ll bear with me.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy what you see here, and I’ll try to offer up thoughts.




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